Are you using Advantx or
Surgi-Source (SIS)?

If so then you are more than aware of the challenges you face in easily retrieving the information and data you need to make informed business decisions.

For years we have been helping our customers extract critical business data and automate time-consuming report-building processes so that they can spend more time making informed business decisions, and less time wrestling with data extraction.

Like some facilities, you can choose to employ a dedicated business intelligence tool, but they are often too expensive and may be a lot more than you need. With our data reporting services we offer you an affordable alternative.

Whether it is generating reports for payor reimbursement analysis, board packet builds, case costing, benchmarking, A/R analysis or for any other ASC business process— we can help.

Our Managed Reporting Service provides two distinct benefits:

(1) We can generate the reporting you need from your ASC management system, but otherwise cannot get because of reporting limitations.

(2) We provide time saving automation to your recurring reporting processes. Our managed data reporting service can help you save time on monthly board packet builds, payor analysis, month-end close, case costing or any of your other hard to meet or time consuming reporting needs.

How our service works:

(1) You provide us with the speciifics of your reporting need.

(2) We then review your need and collect any additional information.

(3) After completing our review we will send you a quote.

(4) You review the quote and then approve the job.

(5) Using a simple, but secure process, we remotely extract the information
     you require, and then deliver it in the format that you want.

It is that easy...

Just click on Contact Us, or call 888.463.9058 to get more information.